They told me I was mad....

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I this the biggest pixel-art you've seen in EMC so far?

Yes 25 vote(s) 89.3%
No 3 vote(s) 10.7%
  1. But I did it! And it worked out (almost) PERFECTLY! This huge pixel-art covers 4 plots, and it took me around 16500 pieces of wool!!! :eek:

    I made this out of my previous skin, "Anonymous" in the occasion of me and my friends intentions of opening a shop named "Anon Inc."
    We later on realized SMP8 is pretty much dead :p , so we decided to move it to SMP6.

    I had done 1 plot when we moved, and I though "What the heck, I might as well finish" (That's what he said?;)). And here's the result, after many weeks of working on that, my house, my second house, and adventuring!

    Anonymous pizxel-art.jpg

    EDIT: I do make pixel-art for others, so throw in a PM if you want one :p
  2. Nice! Too bad you couldn't get 4 plots in the same square with a single road between them. If you go up high enough they connect in the sky :)
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  3. Nice bro. Bet'll give some people a suprise when looking at the Live Map
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  4. Yeah that's pretty much what I tried to do :) The pixel art is 96 blocks above ground level, so I could atleast get 2 blocks out of my plot, which made the tiny roads no problem :) I'm working on getting a square that doesn't have that annoying big road :p
  5. This looks, awesome!
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  6. Sorry ICC, but I just had to get you here. Look at how my pixel-art turned out after you helped me! 'Preciate it! <3 (Quote unrelated)
  7. Haha. Awesome. I was like, wtf.
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  8. That is massive. New challenge . . . 16x16 pixels and a more complex design. ;)
  9. I was considering tearing the whole thing down and doing something like that when I was about 3/4 done. I am also going to tear it down in the nearest future ( :eek: ) to build a new pixel-art :3
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  10. Where is it at now i wanna go check it out?
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  11. Thats just.... Just..... Just.... ( imma talk like a ganster ) BEASTINESS BRAH!
    I make pixel art too. Can we join forces?
  12. You can look at it from res 16541 at SMP8 :)
  13. Sure! Le't unite! :D
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  14. I have already made a porkchop and a heart on smp7 14224 if you would like to check it out sometime. :)
  15. I can't seem to find it
  16. Wrong residence. 14664.
  17. I was thinking of pixelating this cute girl c: 1224396438.chevi_cheviavatar01.png
  18. I thought we wuz doing steve. -.-