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  1. They are getting smarter! I was just going into the wilderness on SMP8, when some guy asked me to follow him. Ofcourse, since I've been in this situation before it made me a little anxious. But then again, EMC doesn't have any PVP.... But then, he stopped for a while. I was in the middle of typing "What's wrong?" When he poured LAVA on me! Luckily, I had enchanted diamond armor with protection 3-4 on them, and a helmet with respiration 3 (Ergo, lava burning effect doesn't harm me) and I got away. BEWARE anyone traveling in the wilderness!

    Forgot to take screen caps, since I was close to water and made a run for it....

    EDIT: It was NAME EDITED OUT who did it!
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  2. Haha, if you ask me their stupid to begin with. And their getting stupider! Seriously.

    Merf, their just jealous of people and want to get banned.
  3. He poured lava on you?
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  4. I've had this happen to me once, though the person who did it to me was standing 1 block from a ravine; he pours lava on me, i escape.. I pour water at his feet, *le slip into ravine, pheeeeeewwwwwwhhhh *DOOF* and then i ran home :).
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  5. Your a pvper. :p
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  6. He claims self-defense.
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  7. True, but i didn't know there was a ravine behind him until he fell :p

    Yep, completly in self defence, serves him right really for lava'ing me, + I didn't take his stuff so it's cool.
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  8. /sarcasm
  9. "lok sumgai ima go an killz him weef lava"
    "haha yur funni"
    *falls into ravine*
    "Oh, there's a ravine there? o.o"
  10. Self defense is not a free ticket to pvp.

    Screen shot and report.
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  11. Self defense is sending a screenshot to a Mod.

    Answering PVP with more PVP is still PVP. What if he had taken a screen shot of you and got you banned?
  12. You're too fast for me Leo.
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  13. That would be a great shame, friend.
  14. this happened to me in my skeleton spawner in SMP7 justinguy sorted him out :D
  15. Though, to what zim said, that's why you always bring diamond protection into the wild, cause people to all sorts of things. I hate the ones who stalk you around then push you into pits or wait for you to fall into one ._.
  16. I bet he was after your armour :D
  17. Please remove the name. It is not acceptable to accuse people on the forums whether they are guilty or innocent. Some staff members do issue temp bans for accusing people on the forums.
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  18. I dont mean to get off topic, but signatures are supposed to represent the player who created (or is part of a group. EX EMCake Party) them, and you took Twitch1's signature...
  19. Any post with a heading in allcaps, saying "*READ*", I automatically assume is spam and ignore.

    Maybe that's just me. Just sayin'
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  20. Edited out the name. Please make 'named' reports in private to a moderator or myself please. :)
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