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  1. Hi guys
    My online name is Thestar19 but it reality I Alexander
    I live i stockholm,Sweden(Thats where Markus "notch" started Minecraft)
    I also play Black ops on PC and on PS3
    and I´m a big fan om Empire minecraft...

    It´s never too late
    Thestar19 :)
  2. Welcome Thestar. Glad to have you here! Hope you're enjoying the Empire so far. :)
  3. where's my 40 wool lol jk
  4. Wheres my 40 diomnd??
  5. So sorry sir your credit has been denied you will not be receiving and free diamond card with Liberty Moochel. But if you would like to sign up for the give me my wool program it takes just five second. Terms of use: not being a greed player on minecraft!
  6. Funny,We made a deal,40 diamonds = 40 wool XD
    but if you log in you can have your wool,I don´t need it anymore,And just to be honest,You didnt keep up your part either.,...