These Two Guys....

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  1. My current Real Life stuff keeps from giving a real christmas present. But, I did make this up in my free time. If you guys ca not tell who it is, that is rough doodles of JustinGuy and IcecreamCow. I have enjoyed my time on this server like no other. My wife and I play constantly. I have made friends that I would happily meet and hang out with in person if the chance came up. So here's to you. The two masterminds behind the great and glorious community that lies before us.

    Its hard to think that this time last year I was surprised about how fast EMC was growing. That is was attracting so much attention. There have been many unforgettable moments here. And I am sure there are many more to come. This is directed towards everyone else too. You guys are all a family to me. I spend more time here than anything :p. I even tell my daughter about some of you guys. So even if there is a time when I have to kick some of you, or punish you in some other way, no hard feelings. I discipline my daughter too, and we still have fun times :).

    The memories are great, and I cant wait to spend yet another holiday with the EMC community.

    TL;DR: Bad art, Good People. Thanks.
  2. lol! TNT on IcC's top! And you got Justin just right! Nice work SMOOCH! +1
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  3. may i please ask how you made them and in what program?
    but you definatly captured there personalities in this creation, well done!
  4. Hahaha the little cow and the TNT! These are so awesome iSMOOCH. I think we all end up telling other people about one another from EMC. There are people I'd hang with from EMC as well.
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  5. While there are plethora of programs out there that can definitely do it better, I use Adobe Flash. Only because I have been using flash for so long I know the tools and keyboard shortcuts very well. I have tried things like Illustrator and Fireworks, as they are more aimed for things like Still Images, like these, but I just dont feel 'at home' in those environments.
  6. ditto to that! *raises a toast to all my awesome friends of EMC*
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  7. hmm... interesting, because ive been looking into doing animation for a long time
    anyways, dont want to spam up your thread :)
  8. Isn't Flash for animation? I use it for animation and Firework's for image making/editing
  9. TNT blew off my nose. xD
  10. See thats what happens when you blow so much stuff up!
  11. *takes note for later nice deeds*


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  12. i thought you where leaving.... so glad i read the post before i made myself look like a complete idiot xD
  13. No Worries... Smooch has no where to go. So EMC he will stay.
  14. Haha lol, saw this on Facebook earlier.
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  15. Epic Picture Right There!
    Jeremys T-Shrit and the cap with the cow :D
    Justin got that serious look on the trolling cow xD
  16. Thanks for all the kind replies everyone :)
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