There's a tale I didn't tell you yet.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Darkwellor, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. So, everyone should know that Darkwellor likes to just wander about and build random structures, right? In this case, there's an interesting group of photos of me continuously exploring random areas in the North Outpost of SMP2. Yeah...I built a ton of dirt houses, and even stuffed some treasure for those who dare find them.

    EDIT: Added some additional pics I didn't notice I had. Internal Dirt Hut.png Cool View.png Sign and Entrance.png
  2. Cool i Will go looking for these and they will have traps in them >:D j/k Cool are they for noobs who need a place to stay?

    If so I will find them, if not I will still find them :p
  3. Traps? Shoot, I should've set up a sand trap for creepers just in case. *facedesk*

    And anyone can use these huts of dirt. Even the something stack of 10 steaks I left in there.
  4. This is pretty neat.