There is something going on with the shop.

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  1. I was in my shop today, and someone came to sell something to me. When he went to go sell it, it didn't work. I had enough rupees for him to sell it, he had right clicked, and it was all spelled correctly. So, he tried selling to some other shops I had, it didn't work either, Then, he thought, it was his Minecraft. So, he restarted it, and still the same outcome. I think there's a glitch at my shop to where he, or anybody, can't sell any items to me. I don't know if othershave had the same problem, but mine's real. I need anyones help to what this could be.
  2. Well I'll swing by to check this one out
  3. Strange :/ I'm not sure.
  4. whats ur res # and server?
  5. What item is it?
  6. /v AussieColt
  7. Well I tried selling 64 stone and it worked just fine.
  8. well, there was some kind of glitch then, with what the sign was placed on. that sign is placed on stone, the one that wouldn't sell, the netherwarts, and other various tpyes of blocks, wouldn't sell at all. Let me assure you, I have 4,500 r, so I had enough money to accept all of the sellings he was trying to do.
  9. He might be using Java 7 or a older version of Java. This glitch happened to me but it disppeared when I restarted minecraft.
  10. Could be due to the massive lag.. Servers are rebooting though.
  11. yea i no but im lazy:p