[THEMED AUCTION] Full Diamond Enchanted Armor with Diamond Enchanted Pickaxe

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by zebrafishcat, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Auction Theme is............ drumroll please................ FOUR
    Diamond Helmet Protection IV
    Diamond Chestplate Protection IV
    Diamond Leggings Protection IV
    Diamond Boots Protection IV
    Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency IV
    All items in this auction are brand new NEVER used
    Starting Bid
    Minimum Bid Increments
    Auction End
    36 hours after latest bid (Yes this may seem like a long time but it will allow more people to view the auction and let those who dont log on every day the chance to bid on it. Especially our friends from Australia)

    Thank you for your patience i knew i said this would be posted monday but i had family matters to attend to.

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  2. Thank u it took me like 4 days to come up with it...........
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  3. Wait... I don't get the theme :/ am I being stupid?
  4. Yes, :);) Level FOUR enchantment and took him FOUR days to get them, i think :)
  5. .......... I have nothing to say............
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  6. Oohhh yeah that is a very nice set of armor! You may want to lessen the bid if you want people to bid on it though :eek: 10k is a little steep for a starting bid even on an awesome set of armor like that.
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  7. the bidding would climb past it anyway and thats just a lil insurance. It'll sit there till someone bids 10k. ;)
  8. 6 hours until auction ends........... kinda disappointed that no one has bid. Come on guys
  9. Told you to lower the bid xD
  10. 11k only just saw this :)
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  11. closed robot chicken wins for 11k.
  12. when do i pick it up and where?
  13. smp 7 /v my res ill have a chest for u
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