The Xx Estate

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  1. So i started building this estate about 3 or 4 months ago and have just pushed it away until today. I am getting back to building it finally. I am in dire need of help to build it so i am hiring for a price that can be negotiated in a private conversation. I am also in need of donations just not as much as i do help so if you want to donate feel free to. Now to tell you about the estate. It is 50 by 50 (i think) and is nowhere near done. My work is very delayed because i cant stop looking at my bearded dragon to the right of me in my bed. Because he looks so cutie.
    So i am hiring a someone to make the floors for 2k. I also need a room design so if you have a idea make it in single player and if i like it and use it then i will pay you 5k.

    Donators!!!!! The top 3 donators will get a room of there choice when the building is finished!
    1. BunchofBeavers With 2500-Creeper665 may take his spot!
    2. Daxter with 1000

    If you would like to see it for yourself then come on over to res# 4424 on smp2! Otherwise here are some pictures.

    Sadly these are the only 2 pictures that are for good things right now.
  2. I will be visiting :) May donate too
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  3. Awesome
  4. Just donated
  5. Affternoon bump
  6. Finished the courtyard! 2012-12-24_12.35.52.png
  7. Keep editing you'll get it right, Daxter.
  8. Do you just sit there waiting for me to mess up!?!?!?!?
  9. He's that pro of a troll
  10. No he just has a 6th sense to know when I mess up.
  11. You disecated that bearded dragon?
  12. Desecrated?
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  13. Ill pay you 10k when i can get on but my internet is messing up at the moment
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  14. Yes
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  15. 1k donation. Merry Christmas
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  16. Thank you so much!
  17. I need donations bump!
  18. do i donate to you?