The World Will End Tomorrow (Game)

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  1. Hello, I thought of this game for some reason.
    Here is how it works.

    The world is ending tomorrow. You can choose 15 items to help you. Can you save your world by setting off a nuclear bomb on the Planet Zork. Can you manage to save the world in time? Will you fail and everything in everywhere would vanish? If you are able to get enough items, You can start with 15, and fly to the planet Zork that is around near Mars.
    This is your Chance!

    No god items
    You can interfere with other players
    Everyone will start at a different location on Earth
    No inappropriate things
    Not much rules I guess :p

    (I will reply to it of where you are going to start. You chose the 15 items you will start with. Like a Fork, Pistol, Some Armor, ect)

    Character name:
    15 Items:
    What you look like:
    Maybe a picture, or something of you:

    I think that's all. Have fun everyone!