The Wondrous Empire

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  1. So, I was a bit bored, and I had a couple minutes, so I did this. If you want anything added, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Once upon a time, there was a land of prosperity, unclaimed and uninhabited by players. In this land were four worlds: Town, Wild, Nether, and End. Each world coexisted peacefully. However, the stark differences between each world drove them further and further apart. Town, being completely flat and textureless, was first discovered and claimed by Justinian and Jeremiah, two exiles from a far away land. The two saw potential in the desolate landscape, and quickly set about laying roads for future citizens to traverse. In little time, the two friends had constructed a massive, though empty, landscape of plots and roads, interspersed with trees and fountains.
    Meanwhile, sensing a potential threat, the other worlds had banded together and formed governments. In the Wild, a governmental union had formed, consisting of giant Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Creepers. In the nether, the dictator known as the Red Dragon ruled over an ever-changing land of lava and fire. In the End, the endermen were ruled peacefully and well by their queen, the ender dragon, whose husband had been slaughtered years before when expeditions from the wild stumbled across the floating dimension.
    Justinian and Jeremiah, having built the foundation for their Empire, now needed citizens to populate it. The first pilgrims were friends from the old world; however, many more poured in, having heard of the new land or coming across it by chance. Needless to say, the Empire grew quickly. Each new pilgrim was given a 60m^2 residence to live and build on; they were forbidden from building anywhere else. Many made shops of their own, making for themselves rupees which came in the form of daily mail from the kind emperors. However, these players soon became bored of their buildings, and wanted to adventure and conquer the other worlds. Justinian and Jeremiah decided to personally lead the entire Empire Army into battle against the wild, leaving several citizens and the sons of the great emperors. However, when they traveled through their man-made portals into the wilderness, they were met by hordes of explosive creepers, skeleton archers, melee zombies, and nimble giant arachnids. The entire army was slaughtered, as none had any experience in fighting, and no weapons or armor to assist them. Upon news of the massacre, the town erupted into a civil war lasting eons. After much time and much bloodshed, Justinian and Jeremiah's beautiful city was devastated. Craters lined streets, shops burned under the blood-red moon. One night, Justin and Jeremy, the descendants of Justinian and Jeremiah, took over the town. The duo, known as J&J, quickly restored peace and order. Immigrants began to flow in as the duo steadily rebuilt their ancestors' glistening dream. However, residents quickly grew bored with the monotony of town, and J&J knew they needed to expand their empire to keep up with demand. Not keen to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, the duo slowly prepared, arming themselves and others with swords and armor made of diamond, along with bows to hit enemies from a distance. One day, they decided that they were ready. So they summoned the great military of the empire and ventured through portals into the Wild. The Wilderness Union, having expected all 'townies' to be dead, was completely unprepared for the assault. Jeremy himself planted explosives in their palace, blowing the Wild's leaders to smithereens and shattering all sense of order in the Wild. The inhabitants of the Wild were shattered and shocked. Never again forming government, they instead submitted to the leaders of town and roamed their infinite lands, bitterly attacking any player that attempted to venture through.
    Next was the nether. The red dragon, in his nether fortress, was easily overwhelmed, his subjects doing nothing to save their leader. The zombie pigmen, making up the majority of the population, were blinded when their leader met his fiery end. Therefore, when players trek through the nether, they only attack when provoked, as that is the only time when they know a player is nearby.
    The End was a little bit tougher. J&J tried unsuccessfully to open a portal from town. A few brave souls ventured into the Wild to find a stronghold and enter the floating realm. Once this happened, the angry Ender Queen attacked viciously, constantly being healed. She was eventually defeated, despite the loyalty of her minions, the endermen. When their great queen was defeated, they fled into the Wilderness to escape abuse and persecution by players. Once they had defeated the queen, the players discovered her unhatched egg above a portal. Impossible to break, the egg sat on a pillar of immovable, unbreakable bedrock. Using pistons and other machinery, they were ingeniusly able to harvest the egg for transport back to town. However, upon its arrival in town, the egg caused many arguments and debates. Some trusted citizens were eventually charged with keeping care of the egg while letting others view it.
    As more joined the Empire, J&J needed help enforcing the rules, as both of them were highly busy. They began hiring staff members through a rigorous application process, and the criminals of the Empire were kept in check, whether by being exiled temporarily or banished forever.
    As the empire grew, the two needed more room. So Justin, the master of coding, summoned a brand new universe to accommodate new citizens. This universe began as a parallel to the original, except its non-town world were vastly different. To differentiate between the two worlds, he named one SMP1 and the other SMP2. The new server was populated by more incoming citizens, and all was well.

    Over time, the empire has expanded to 10 universes. The cities on each are vastly different, but great in many ways. Each and every citizen makes it special. What is the next chapter in EMC history?

    You're writing it.
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