The Wither Killing Service.

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  1. How We Work:
    You supply us 3 wither skulls ( we shall supply the soul sand )
    We supply our own tools, equipment, swords, Armour, potions...Ect.
    We go to our wither killing area.
    We kill the wither.
    you pay us when we give you the star.
    ( if something bad where to happen, we will give you 3 skulls back, and not charge you )#
    So its a no win, no fee.
    I live on SMP3 but you have to PM me when you want us to kill it
    Each Wither Costs About 3000 Rupees Depending on circumstances.
  2. Could I join the service?
  3. Four. Thousand. Rupees.
    Why so much?
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  4. i had no idea how much to price it at, so im going to lower the price, to 3000r and 2000r as the deal :)