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  1. hey guys, i was just wondering if you can remake the wildernes, it is getting quite annoying that at the edge of the wildernes-spawn it is a giant hole. so i wondered if you could make new blocks in the wildernes?
    it is also very annoying with all the structures that are just looking idiotic (sorry to those who have built them) for example, going out to mine some cobble, then you turn to see that someone wrote HI in dirt just outside the spawn, quite irritating. it is indeed a pain that it looks like someone have had a TNT war there, can you guys fix it?
  2. The areas just outside of spawn are in a periodic reset area, which will soon start being reset every few weeks. So this should fix the problem. These areas are marked as yellow boxes on the live map :)
  3. Also, you can get the livemaps here>
    A solution on many EMC servers for this, has been bridges created by players, this ones normally don't get much griefed because it helps everyone, try looking for one at your server, this are pretty common :p
  4. hey guys,

    Some people are like hunters that will destroy the wilderness if it means they get whatever resources they were out looking for. Of course the area around spawn is reset every once in a while for a reason and that is because lately there have been holes everywhere. I once took two steps and fell down a hole to my death. I swear the underground area is practically completely hollowed out. have you heard of the EWF ( empire wild federation)? They support towns in the wilderness. I would suggest making a litte hide out of your own somewhere really far out where someone has never gone. Go off the livemap.

    good night guys,
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  5. I havent seen that area been reseted long ago...
  6. Well if you read on the empire guide there is something called the periodic reset system or something like that. I believe it is reset maybe every week? But it is not the entire wilderness it is only the area highlighted in yellow on the livemap.
  7. To clarify, SMP1-4 are on older hardware and don't have support for wilderness resets. SMP5 was supposed to, but it failed when it was supposed to happen. I'm not sure if they've attempted it on SMP6 yet. I'd say not, or that it failed as well, since the area is also becoming a relatively treacherous pit there too, save for the lovely bridges that have been built to traverse it.
  8. SMP6 is looking like freaking Osama Bin Laden came back from the dead. Theres a bunch of dirt pathways that look ugly (sorry person who made those, they help, but take away from the "Wild" aspect) and its TNT down to like 10 blocks. Its the only navigable way out of the spawn zone, but thats not saying much, cause the other directions are an ocean. Its impossible to fight mobs and theres holes to bedrock EVERYWHERE! Please can you just do a MANUAL reset Justin? if only on the reset area, it still looks like a bomb hit it