The Wild

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  1. The Wild, the Wilderness, the Frontier, or whatever you call it. Some of us call it home, some of us call it our vacation home, and some of us call it our shop. We live on the snowy peaks of mountains, and the scorched earth of the deserts. We live on them in towns, outposts, colonies, and some of us just live in a small shack in the middle of nowhere. We all have a reason to live in the wild, some of us for fun, some of us for profit, and some of us for adventure, but no matter if the wild is your home or home away from home, or if you live in a city or in a shack by yourself, or if you live on a mountain or under the sea, or if your here for fun or money, we can all agree on one thing, and that is that the Wild is ours. It is ours to enjoy, it is ours to live in, it is ours to profit from. The Wild is for a lot of us, the reason we play on EMC. In hopefully a few days, we will be on 1.7, which will surely change the Wild. There will be more reasons to live in the Wild with it too, maybe to explore all the new biomes, or to reap all of the new goods. There will be new outposts, towns, nations, and of course, small shacks in the middle of nowhere. A new age of the Wild is upon us, which will promise us plenty of new opportunity, but the real question is, how will you use it?
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