The Wild Huts - The Underground Hotel

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cmbcody, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Because o f personal problems this will not work out sorry
  2. Little much just for a hotel.
  3. It's a membership for that amount of time
  4. Would you like a job?
  5. Not ATM, I have my own hotel to run. :)
  6. This is a wild hotel
  7. Where you talking about the cobble hotel?
  8. The Cobble House? Yes.
  9. Okay hope you are sucsessful
  10. Thanks and you to.
  11. Well. I would like to be a cook? :D
  12. Okay great, start a conversation with me for more info
  13. cm id also like to help in your hotel
  14. Okay would you be willing to be a cleaner?
  15. I wanna be supplier for food :D
    My farm is almost done
  16. We now only need a cleaner and maybe another clerk
  17. Me cleaner!