The wild, and why it should NOT be reset.

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  1. From january to today, there hav been 6 or more released patches to the game. Not all have been ground breaking, but all have effected the game in more ways than one. We seem to forget that Minecraft is not a full release game. There can be no such thing. There won't be content packs released, because it is an unfinished, ever changing game. As such, it will come to a point with every other update that some new, major content is added to the game.

    The dangers of having a map that is already generated is clear now: you cannot cahnge what is already made. A fatal flaw to the mojang style of game development, but they have said before and often that multiplayer is not their main focus. Game Development is. They are doing what they think is best for the game overall, while allowing the Bukkit team and other server owners to take care of the multiplayer side of the game. In other words, they arent taking you into account a smuch as the community as a whole. Which, awkward as it may be, is the correct approach.

    So how do you handle this, as a community? In a sense, it makes it more realistic. Not all resources are gathered in the same parts of the world, and having to travel further to find different biomes makes it more realistic (THe real world des not have snow next to a desert, sorry to say). While resetting the world takes away from the reality of the game. It is also a big middle finger to wilderness dwellers, as no building made out there will be safe for long.

    It also sets a dangerous precedent. Will each update require a reset? What is the motivation, then, to build anything in the wild? Wont players ultimately just stay in town, only going out to find resources, leaving the countryside with "Minefields"? I fell that half of the reason such entities exist is that, when they leave for town, they dont see the consequences anymore. You can destroy whatever you want, and not have to stare at its ugliness.

    That's beside the point. An occasional wild reset isn't a bad thing, but it takes away from the fun part of minecraft, which is having to move from place to place to get what you want. Instead of focusing on making the world easier to strip, why not focus on ways of makign traveling further out easier to accomplish? Why not make the world better, rather than just resetting it? The pay out for ideas such as this is much larger and beneficial to the community in the long run.
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  2. Yes, your right. A reset every once in a while is not bad.
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  3. But every major update to the game is much too often.
  4. 1.3 is not a major enough update to need a reset. It is only two new generated structures which will not survive.
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  5. So maybe every other update
  6. Just, the 1.3 no reset, do it 1.5 or 1.4
  7. Ok, let's do it on December 21, 2012.
  8. No, December 21st :p
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  9. Boy, have you been reading the Mayan calendar?
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