The White House

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  1. Since monday, I have been working on a secret project that only 1 other person has been helping me on. I have not even built it on EMC yet. Today, though, I reveal my project. I have been building the White House. It is not exactly perfect, but every bit of the exterior I have made to look like the real thing. I am only building the main building, without the 2 wings on the sides. I will post a picture of it tomorrow, but here are some specifications:
    Length: 86 blocks
    Width: 60 blocks (at its widest), 56 blocks (at its thinnest)
    Height (when finished): 16 blocks
    Number of rooms: 18
    Server most likely to have it built on: Utopia
  2. So, you need to get supporter.
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  3. exactly
  4. Picture (as of 2/13/2013)
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  5. Get diamond , so you can fly and built it easier. I'm renewing mine today when I get home from class today.
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