The 'What you had hidden in the Wild' thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. So with the reset looming and people packing up, I thought it'd be fun to tell everyone where all the secret builds were hidden away.

    About 1,500 blocks South of the North outpost I had a tiny island with torches leading down into my Mob Grinder and an Abandoned Mineshaft

    10,000 blocks South of the South outpost I had a village which I'd taken over, reinforced and added to as well as a substantial mining operation and a rail-link back to the South outpost

    1,700 blocks East of the main Spawn I had another abandoned mineshaft which I'd taken over and cleared out completely. A huge undertaking, but achieved it in the end.

    That's all that remained, there were other projects but they were all removed long before.

    So far I've reclaimed seven Locked signs.
  2. I will come tell my on Wednesday 21st XD
  3. I have a three way spawner (2 zombie and 1 spider) XP grinder somewhere over the rainbow :D
  4. i had a dual xp grinder a strip mining system for diamonds whih worked succesfully and i had a town west of the wildernes spawn im making a new comunity after reset so join meh