The Weekly News: By Gwormn

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Is this newsletter a good idea?

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Yes you should do it! 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No just shut up! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Hey guys. Gwormn here to tell you that I am starting a weekly newsletter that will start later today. Basically what this is about is that I always seem to be out of the loop on information. I always learn things after they become old news. So to prevent that from happening to YOU guys, Im starting this newsletter to keep everyone informed. Any new thing that is going on or event thats taking place will be posted here. And if you guys want to advertise something, leave a comment on my wall and for a little bit of rupees, I'll put it on the newsletter. Leave me some comments about how you feel about this or if you want something advertised.

  2. Everyone makes, one but never publishs!
  3. Ok so I know a lot of you think im going to fail at this but im going to prove you wrong. Starting tomorrow(which is today for me) I will start my newsletter.
  4. I hope for it to become popular but so many tried and failed. Or do 1 then stop.
  5. Ok hey guys! Gwormn here with a bit of news going on around Empire. Fluffinator09 is planning a party/rave latter on in the week and will be giving details on it later. Also I encourage you guys to check out the mob arena on smp5. It's a really cool way to meet new people and judge them. ( Don't judge people, it's a bad thing to do). If you do happen to go, be ready for some lag unless you have a good PC. Also be prepared to lose your stuff. If you die, all your stuff goes to the winner of the round. So thats all I have for today. See you later!