The wastelands.

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  1. I was just recently looking through some old forrum posts and found one with the first server promo and so i watched it and found out that the wilderness used to be called wastelands. Why did we change to wilderness?
  2. To make a long story short: It Did
  3. ya but why not just keep wastelands i think it sounds better.
  4. Back in the days when we only had one server, we had a wastelands and a wilderness. The difference was that wastelands didn't have a live map. I think JustinGuy removed that world because it caused to much lag on the server, but I'm not sure because that's back in the days when I wasn't a moderator. It would be awesome if it was brought back though...
  5. oh i thought it was the same world.
  6. arr yes how can I not remember the wasteland and wilderness on one server
  7. It would make greifing 10x harder
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