The Warriors Guild.

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  1. Hello! As you know TES has just been ended, I never got to go out there, so Im establishing this group. I only need 6 people to come with me, and here are the spots

    Builder/Security: MeinCravta
    Secondary builder:

    I will only bring on people I trust, so please have at least 1 reference that isn't your best friend. If you can't afford a locked chest, I can send you some cash, or if needed, you can share one with somebody else. We are going into the wild on tuesday and I will set up a private conversation to tell cords of our base. You will need items for your class which I will post

    Farmer: Seeds of every kind, a hoe, and buckets of water, and saplings. Bone meal too!

    Miner: Pick, lots of torches, and a weapon.

    Hunter: Lots of weapons and armor

    Trader: Extreme skill in the economy and knowledge of prices. You don't need to stay at the base, you can come by when Im online and I will give you items to sell for us.

    Guard: Be really fast at pressing f2. If you see a mob come close to the base, try to lead it off. You shouldn't bring anything but a bed and some essentials, you're basically a kamikaze/greif protecter.

    Secondary builder: Glass, wood, cobblestone, and other building materials.

    ESSENTIALS: Food, at least a few stacks of melon. Defence, maybe some leather armor and an iron or diamond sword. A bed, some building supplies so the builders aren't overwhelmed. Some wheat seeds for a private farm. Your own set of tools-perferably iron or diamond. A boat, it might be faraway.

    Looking for trustworthy people, so please post here if you want in!