The War Z [Zombie Survival MMO]

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by fluffinator09, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I pre-ordered The War Z last night and I was curious if anyone else on the Empire has gotten it. I got the Pioneer package and all three of my guest keys are taken! Sorry, but if anyone else has gotten it or will get it, if you want to play with me just let me know!
  2. I've met my max amount of 'things i'm allowed to buy' for september. I bought iron supporter the other day, I want to buy this game. It looks good.
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  3. It's October though...
  4. lol
  5. You got?
  6. Yes, I know. I already bought iron supporter this month, I want this game, but it looks alot like DayZ (i'm waiting for that to come out as an actual game). But there's plenty of other games I want to buy, which I want more than WarZ
  7. Ok makes sense
  8. Got it working YESSSS!
    Of you have it PM me to play!