The Walking Dead Season Finale Discussion

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  1. So, you may or may not have watched the season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3, if you haven't then I suggest you don't read ahead as this contains spoilers! I personally thought the season finale was epic and not what I expected at all! The following text is spoilers so I put it in a spoiler.
    Did you think that the governor was going to die? Did you expect him to kill most of the people at woodbury? Should The governor have been killed before the season finale? (By Andrea or Rick at the 'meeting' they had) Where do you think the Governor and Martinez are going now? Will they return for a attack at the prison in Season 4? Do you think Martinez or the other guy should of killed the governor when he was killing everyone? What is the future for the woodbury residents at the prison? Who did you think was going to die before watching the season finale? More questions to be added later.

    The good news is that The Walking Dead' returns for Season 4 in October!
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  2. So tempted to click that button.
    But I can't.
    I need to test my patience until Friday, but I ruined that because NOW I KNOW WHO DIES.

    I was hoping Andrea would survive a little longer because honestly her character in the comics is amazing.
  3. I couldn't wait to Friday to see it on FOX, so as soon as I got up I turned my PC and Watched it. I was quite surprised at it to be honest. At the start of Season 3 I didn't like Andrea but towards the last episodes I grew to like her as she wasn't so annoying. I didn't want her to die and although I haven't read the comics I thought she could of lived a little longer and had a new story line's.
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  4. In the comics she starts a relationship with Rick... I wanted to see that. I already know the people who die but don't tell me how it happens...I want to wait for that :p
  5. Am I the only one who didn't want milton to die? I thought he was a good chracter.
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  6. Neither did I :( He would have made a nice addition to Rick's group and tbh I felt sorry for him.
  7. I think the better question is; Whats up with Carl? (i haven't read the comics) I do think the governor will be a major conflict issue for the group. He will be back.
  8. It was a good season finale. Glad that it looks like the terror will continue into next season, because the Governor deserves a long arc in this story. I would have been disappointed in the show if he died already because he's finally approaching the level he was in the comics. We may not see him ever fully reach that level of insanity and it's likely they'll leave out some of the stuff he did, but I really am starting to like him as a villain.

    Sad to see Milton go. Was he actually the tv version of Brian? My guess is that he was.

    Sad to see Andrea go, especially since I thought she'd take on the Lilly role further down the road. She was vindicated though. Her actions throughout the season were justified. Michonne getting emotional was hard to see and added some depth to the character

    Can't wait for Season 4.
    I hope we see the handlebar mustache

    And Tyrese being an important member of the group
  9. My opinion on Carl...
    He's growing up in a world where he cant' be a kid. He also has no moral compass. Rick used to say we don't kill the living...and look what has happened. The Governor doing what he has done has made the group kill the living. Carl is having a hard time adjusting to showing normal human emotion. He didn't like that the new people came because he saw them as the enemy and believed that they saw him the same way. Compassion is gone. He's seen it in his dad (like when Rick left the hiker numerous times then picked up his pack at the end of the episode) so he's trying to emulate that. He's still a kid in age but he's also a soldier and he's struggling to find a happy medium between the two.
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  10. Also they rushed the finale, I think the could have made a more in detail finale in two hour special episode, nothing was explained why the people from woodbury came to the prison, they should of shot at least one more scene in woodbury.
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  11. Very true. In the preview it showed Governor getting the troops ready to go by telling them that the prison group murdered 8 of his people (the guys Merle killed I'm assuming). But in the episode this scene didn't happen. Instead he told Milton that's how he handled it. I agree a scene of him giving a speech to inspire the war on the prison would have been very good
  12. I was expecting more deaths from the prison group to be honest. However glad there wasn't :)
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