The Walking Dead: Season 3

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  1. Season 3
    Who's excited? I am! :D I've read the comic, and i've played the game.. I've never actually seen a full episode, just a few clips of it because my parents thought it would be 'Too Scary' for me. I've played amnesia, i've survived alot of heart attacks...And to be honest, it doesn't look scary, just a little bit jumpy. I also know the plot and all, and it's just one of those TV programs that are actually good; Like the Big Bang Theory.
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  2. You should be warned the show doesn't follow the plot of the comic book at all. So you might want to go back and watch the past episodes. I am not a fan of the show. Some of the actors are just atrocious and the plot is horrible. It got rid of the genius of the comic books and made a show for the mass market. Everything that makes the comics good is gone; the characters in the comics were so real but the characters in the show are just overly dramatic and fake. Apparently, Robert Kirkman is the writer but I just don't understand how such an amazing writer could bastardize his own work. Sorry for the rant.
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