The Village

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  1. I am working on a village,and one day, I decided it would be cool if people could live and work in it.
    I have a few Different types of buildings,houses are cheap(around 5-15r depending on how complex it is.Shops may range from 25-200r, again, judging from how complex it is.

    Of course,to live here there is a few rules.
    1.If you own a shop, I will give you container flags. Griefing of any other chests on the residence will not be tolerated,resulting in the following:
    -a ban from my residence
    -no refund
    2. If you buy rights, you may not grief.again, this will result in the info put up there.
    3. Some houses are reserved, I will try to let people pick, but space is very limited.
    4. If your house or shop gets griefed, please let me know, I will take care of it and move you to a different house.
    5. If you are building, you may not make teleporters to any other residence.
    6. To get a house read below

    IMPORTANT!How to get your house!
    The server this residence is on is smp2.(address)
    Please private message JPSeabury or me to get a house or shop. We will let you choose. Soon, however, the amount of houses will be limited and you will have to move in to a different one.
    in case you want to know, I will give you access to G.U.I items and any other utilities within your house.
  2. 5r to 15r for a house is extremely cheap, don't be so desperate or willing to people, make a nice profit and set a legit price.
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  3. I would say nay to giving them container with other people there. Make the shop signs for them (top line put there name). Give them a double chest or more then one with there access. They put the items they want in there shop in that chest. This way there is no risk in having items stolen.
  4. Do what FrankieC said and make access signs..I hate when people get greifed.
  5. While this is a good idea, there's an awful lot of trusting. These things go bad for people like you all the time mate, we're only human. But if it's worth the risk then I fully support new ideas! Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.