The village of Fort EmpireCraft

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  1. I am starting a village in EMC called Questionos contact me for to help me SMP6 and res # is 13127 pay me 50r if you want to be a worker for a day please we currently have 3 Homes + 1 Work place +A Nature Area
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  2. i understood nothing
  3. Are you wanting workers or people to live in your village... I don't understand either... May want to rephrase...
  4. ? People have to pay to live in the village? 0_o
  5. You really did...
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  6. No one has to pay for the vilage... I'm working On a shop now.
    It's in the village.
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  7. Sorry for the Bad Grammar in my sentence I Changed it so sorry if you got Pissed off by not knowing what that meant.
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  8. So, in summary, you are currently building a village NOT in the wild, but IN your town.

    In addition, you are paying 50r to people who are willing to work on your village.
  9. i don't think we were pissed off- just merely asking you to rephrase because we did not understand what you were trying to get across