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Do enchanted items keep their enchantments when placed into the VAULT?

Of course they do silly! 1 vote(s) 16.7%
Um... well, I thought they did... 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Sadly, no. 2 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. So, I have (to my dismay) already done this twice and thought I'd make a forum topic for others to be aware as well. Enchanted items do NOT keep their enchantments when they are transfered from server to server. The item itself goes fine but if you had an enchantment it will be gone. I know I have read this in some of the member-only forums, but this information is not in the Empire Guide under Vault, and perhaps should be added. (it may be in another section and I am just being a noob...)
    Yesterday I threw my Fortune III pick into the vault thinking I would go to SMP3 and get some goodies, and remembered just as I was pulling it out that I had done this once before with a lesser-enchanted pick and that I had lost the enchantment. :( Thankfully my Fortune III pick was already 2/3 dead or I would have probably RAGE quit the server for a month. :p Regardless, my enchantment was wisked away by the SMP gods, and I was left with a very used diamond pick and a grumpy feeling while I was mining glowstone in the nether. Anyway, just thought I'd make a general posting for this topic and ask if anyone else has any funny/sad stories about doing this. Hopefully this posting will help some people to not make this mistake, and maybe we can add this info into the Empire Guide under Vault. :)
  2. Thanks for that - I thought I had read it somewhere in the Guide at one point. That also explains why my snow golem just disappeared the other day! :p