The Valoran Waterpark

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  1. Hey guys, do you ever get too busy on empire minecraft? Well check out the Valoran Waterpark, at lot 4444 on smp2. It features a high dive, low dive, two slides, and a large pool. It is always being upgraded, and is currently a work in progress, but i've decided to open it to the public. I guess i will just show the screenshots now

    Now Featuring dun dun dun... a hot tub!!! (thanks to clintwards for showing this off!)

    Celebrities/admins enjoying the Valoran pool:

    GameKribJeremy taking an underwater adventure:
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  2. Awesome, I will check it out when I am on next :)
  3. Thanks :) I'm hoping to add more things soon.
  4. Really nice work!
    I love the scale and the colors you used.
  5. Thanks Kdrama, i'm hoping to add more to it, but after this saturday, i pretty much only have sundays off practice, so i don't have much time to play.
  6. Looks epic! I"ll have to check it out next time I get on!
  7. nice one
    just visitied it
  8. Thanks guys, i put quite a bit of work into it