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  1. So I've decided to set up a for EMC! What you do on this is make a playlist and take turns with others being the DJ. Every person gets to play one song before passing it on to the next in line. Here is the link.

    And some rules.

    1. EMC rules still apply. Songs are allowed to have any swears that are allowed on EMC before 9pm. After that any songs are good until 9am.

    2. Please keep songs at less than 10 minutes before 9PM and less than 30 minutes after 9pm and until 9am.

    3. Any genre of music is allowed to be played. Don't be rude to the Dj just because you don't like the music they picked.

    4. If you don't use your EMC name please announce who you are on this thread or in the chat. I'm Bingesarenotchips.

    Violation of these rules can lead to being muted for a short period to possibly being banned.

    I think that about covers it. Hope to see some of you there. :)
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  2. decided to try it out.
  3. No one is playing :/
  4. I'm on now if anyone wants to join
  5. there is already a for emc xD
  6. Doesn't seem like it gets bumped a lot, so heres a new one.
  7. Seems interesting...
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  8. Rockin' out to my tunes on my own :)
  9. You guys have a great taste in music :p Loving this classic rock
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