The Universe Project.

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  1. So I know some you people really enjoy sandbox survival games (reasoning for being here).

    Well in the works currently is a cool game going under the name of 'The Universe Project'.

    Looks really neat to me, and the idea of creating whole nations and self propelling tech that moves the whole game forward really intrigue me. I hope others find this interesting as well.

    Here is the link. Enjoy!.
  2. My mind broke.
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  3. I think equinox posted something about this a while ago, but it sounds SOOO COOL.
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  4. I cannot remember exactly who posted it but someone has before.
    Either way I am excited for it!
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  5. Michael nolan has posted this already. It looks really cool.
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  6. I want it, I want it, I want it ,I WANT IT!!!
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  7. I was not aware it was posted before :p sorry for the repost then, you guys have to remember I was inactive for a bit there.
  8. This looks amazing! :)
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  9. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Me want!
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