The unfaithful event

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  1. (5mins ago) After 4 minecraft days of exploration, I discovered a ruin in the desert. After exploring and discovered the treasure room 20 blocks below I used the sand to ascend down. I was close to open the 4 chests that were sleeping there when suddenly my dog teleported to the room and step on the booby trap!!!!! Thanks to my armor and to my quick reflex i survived the some of the treasure and lost another part of them and my dog died......RIP Chiro
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  2. RIP Chiro
    Sorry to hear your friend is gone:(
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  3. did i put this in the wrong section....?
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  4. Aaarrgh, so bad. Sorry to hear that.
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  5. No, close enough. It's either this or General MC Discussion. Not sure which. Anyway, sorry about Chiro. It's amazing, that emotional effect when you lose a Minecraft dog...
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  6. Hmm, I know my stupid dogs stopped teleport glitching to me months ago, I thought they had fixed this. Your poor dog must have really missed you or something.
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  7. Thx. Tell you the truth i got Chiro few mins after the event XD i only got him to protect me against the enderman i provoked and any other treats i guess i was sorta in the mood to give emetions
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  8. And this people, is why you teach your dog "Sit" and "Stay".
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  9. Oh, i thought he was real.. >.< lol
  10. Best Minecraft Servers

    R.I.P Chiro
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