The [undefined] days of Chartmas!

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  1. So the other day I made a little survey, with the aim of collecting data on the way EMCers shop in the Empire's stores. It went over well, I got almost 50 responses. I promised I'd "make cool graphs and charts and stuff with the data and release those."

    This is how I'm gonna do it: Since I'm too lazy to make one big post I think it would be fun, every day I'll post a new chart, finding, or analysis of the data.

    Feel free to comment, discuss, make your own analysis, or otherwise do with this information as you wish. I relinquish all copyrights on the data, or somethin' like that. I'm not a lawyer.

    I had a set number of days this would go on for, since I'm totally the kind of guy who plans ahead, but I accidentally divided the number by zero and now have no idea how long I'll do this for! (hehe, they'll totally believe that. No way they'll realize I'm actually just disorganized)

    Now, without further ado...
  2. ♪On the first day of Chartmas,

    My stats elf gave to me,

    The anonymized dataseeeeeeet.♪

    *In Google Docs so they can copy it, or download it as an xlsx or other formaaaaaaat.
  3. I wonder who wrote the really long responses...(Shel? :p)

    I paid attention to the Which shops do you go to question.
    Most of the responses were 'Items in Stock'
    Well, I need to make sure my mini-mall is in stock now. :) Cool Chart.
    Great Job Pepper, you got a lot of positive feedback. ;)
    My favorite responses:
    Lel, that last one. :p
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  4. ♪On the second day of Chartmas,

    My stats elf gave to me,

    a chart of shopping activity.♪

    The vast majority of customers buy 3 or less items (to be clear: A stack of an item still counts as one) per shopping trip.

    What this could mean for your store:
    The grocery store tactic of impulse buying doesn't work. Focus on getting customers to what they need quickly.
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  5. ♪On the third day of Chartmas,

    My stats elf gave to me,

    a chart of consumption on EMC.♪

    Almost 3/4 of survey takers go to a shop more than once a week.
  6. You should add how many buy in bulk. Might make sense how people shop once per week.
  7. I do have data on that. Maybe tomorrow?
  8. Woops! Forgot to update this.

    ♪On the fourth day of Chartmas,

    My stats elf gave to me,

    A consumer preference for you to see.♪

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  9. Taking a break to do some deeper analysis, see ya later.

    Edit: Like a day or two.
  10. I like these! Keep em goin!
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