The un-banning of PLAYER 1

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  1. If you are aware of this, you may find it a bit un-fair. Im wondering if the mods know about the mass grief on the res 11001, burnt to ashes by him. It was a largely sucssessful shop. PLAYER 1 worked for the shop owner. He thought that making a UNSAFE fire place was nessessery for his new office. When the offices burnt down (not conmected to the main shop) he tried to blame it on PLAYER 2 (not full username). After firing PLAYER 2 , since the owner of the shop knew PLAYER 1 he beleived him, he tried again. this time burning the entire shop down. After watching him burn it from my res, I told the owner. The next day he said that PLAYER 2 told him to do it. After explaining it to the owner in private chat, we never joined the server again but later on (ALOT LATER) we heard the PLAYER 1 was banned for stealing, threatning and other crimes.

    Now he is getting un-banned and im no a happy chappy...
  2. He must have successfully appealed. If it makes things any better to you, in most cases, the player will have been reset - res' unclaimed, rupees wiped etc.

    Also, please don't publicly name people like this. :)

    He is, however currently permabanned for "threatening another player".
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  3. I actually remember him, he got into a fight with thecontroller and me. I don't remember what about tho. I do recall he said he wanted to kill me. You can't appeal for your friends, so no.
  4. If you're familiar with the movie, Animal House, the ban system here has always reminded me of "Secret Double Probation" (I'd link a clip, but it's got a little profanity in it.). Some people seem to go from ban to kick to ban, until the mods eventually tire of them and make their permanent ban, permanent.

    Your story suggests that you won't have to wait much longer for this guy to wear out his welcome without any outside help. Relax and let it run its course.
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  5. Said player is still banned, and has been for the last 7 months? Not sure where you've pulled that he was unbanned.

    I've also edited the names out of the posts.
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