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  1. The Ultimate Shop is now open! Just do /v +UltimateShop OR /v Ultimate_GG. And If you're feeling lazy, we do delivery too. Just pay 5 extra rupees for transport. If we've run out of stock, notify us using this post, or contact me In-game. We're located on Smp7. We look forward to having you visit!

    ~If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please comment on this thread or contact me In-Game.

    UPDATE: The Ultimate Shop has now been completely redone! We will also now have a large structure outside, based on what holiday is coming up. Also, tomorrow, 8:00 EMC time (22nd of November), we will be holding an auction at mercenaries2009's place! On the first floor.
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  2. Nice! How do you get the custom res number/name?
  3. He doesn't. He attaches a tag to his res so you can get to it by doing /v [tag]
  4. How do you make a tag?
  5. /res tag add <tag>
  6. How do U guys so that? :O