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Running on a fast PC?

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  1. Well, I now got an old laptop with minecraft running really slow on it and I am going to buy a new laptop on my birthday may 18th. And I want to ask some of you to give me some tips about graphics cards ro run minecraft fast.

    So give me some tips for a reasenable price!
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  2. Build your own!
    If you can, make a pc instead of a laptop. You can actually build a very nice, fast, gaming computer for a relatively cheap price. Look for some parts, or even kits, online -- is a really good place to start, I've heard. If you build it yourself, it'll cut down on the cost, and it's not that hard to do (and you can also buy a sick case).
    I've never owned an alienware laptop, but from what I've heard they're pretty expensive for what they offer. Do some research and compare prices and specs before you buy.
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  3. My budget is around the €700 but can you say some names of good graphics cards?
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  4. Well, I really want a laptop accually because I'm often going to friends and play minecraft over there.
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  5. You can poke around here to see what people have liked. Compare with other sites for the price! Then again, if you're looking for a laptop, you could just look in the laptop section and skip the graphics cards.
    Minecraft isn't a demanding game, so you won't need anything extreme to get the best out of it.
  6. I'd say for $500,- you can build quite a fast PC that runs Minecraft perfectly.
    For about twice the price, you can buy the same hardware, but in the shape of a laptop :).
  7. $500 can get you something that'll run anything. May not at the highest quality, but graphics don't make the game.
  8. I think im going to use the laptop for school and gaming stuff, and when I am gaming on my laptop that I got now its really slow and when im looking at other minecraft videos and i see that quality i want that to!
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  9. Yes, as I said, for a laptop, you gotta spend about $900 then...
  10. Buy a cheap laptop and then spend the rest on building/buying yourself a PC, You can get double the spec for the same price if you build it yourself.
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  11. I dont read...german or whatever that is but....

    I saw Acer...

    I have had 2 Acers Fail on me. Both were motherboards. So I hate them. This is one guys experience though so its your decision.

    If I was going to buy a laptop on a budget of $500 I would buy either an HP or Toshiba.


    My Acer failed. The Acer I bought my grandmother failed. I hate Acer.

    I bought an 18" HP HDX Laptop that has been amazing since day one. My wife uses it daily with no issues (and has been for 2 years). I bought a Toshiba for my grandmother (as a replacement) and for 2 1/2 years its been going strong. She lives in the county too, so I am surprised (lots of dust).

    Acer sucks.

    Sry, anyways, If I had to pick one, I would go with this (or something close to it):

    But again, its your money.

  12. Dutch
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  13. I preffer to build my own PC as I know what I get and you can pick it for the price you want. If you buy a premade PC you always pay more
  14. If you want to make your money go further, then join the military. :)

    I'm on a Dell Studio 1745. I bought it online when I was in Afghanistan.
    Dell had already put a discount on it of around £200. I was given a Military Discount of another £150, plus I didn't have to pay VAT as I was getting it delivered to our base in Afghanistan, saving another £280. So I got the machine for around £800 when it should've been well over £1000.
    It plays everything.

  15. Lol I'm twelve, I think not old enough to join the army... :)
  16. Lie about your age. That's what my grandfather did. :)
  17. -facepalm- You don't think they could tell by looking at him?