The Ultimate Continuing Story

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  1. Come on guys, let's make it a good one! Take turns in writing a nice, flowing story. Posts that try to end the story are to be ignored. Good luck! I leave the beginning to you nice chaps.
  2. I slowly backed away from the dead muffins I murdered.
  3. I stared at my hands, how could I? What had I done? The disembodied crumbs lay on the ground, almost accusingly. But I knew there was no turning back now. I had to kill anyone who might have heard the gunshots.
  4. I turned around, seeing my neighbor ,Mr Bread, wide eyed staring at me.
  5. So I put on dubstep to freak him out even more. he just stood there, lifelessly.
  6. "Mr. Bread," I said,
    "Why are you so blue?"
    "You stand stuck to the ground as if covered in glue!"
    And without even a fight,
    I, the murderer, took off into the night...
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  7. later that night Mr bread said "I must tell the police! but even they cannot let me un-see what I have seen tonight."
    but it was already too late, I was in his bathroom with his wife, a knife and of coarse, the jam.
  8. His blood mixed with the jam, which fuelled my rage, what right had mr bread, to ruin a perfectly good jar of jam? I knew that the death, had only just begun. It was time to write a musical about myself.
  9. What happened to the nice flow, guys? Come back!
  10. Narrator: And thus the killer started on his musical, but before he was done with the first stanza he set his house on fire in rage!