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  1. Hai!

    I don't know if you've heard, but the United Kingdom had the 2015 General Election two weeks ago today. It resulted in the Tories gaining absolute power over the country, the Liberal Democrats losing their coalition and they were completely crippled, and Labour lost a ton of their votes in Scotland to the Scottish National Party - whom they refused a coalition with, but probably would have won if they did. The last time the Tories were in power was from 1979 - 1990, which saw the British economy become restructured massively and affected us massively in the 2008 recession (which we are still recovering from) and punished the poor. Their 'reign' was tarnished by riots throughout the country.

    The day they were elected last week saw riots break out in the English capital of London and the Welsh capital of Cardiff, so... I bet these next five years will be fun. They also put a homophobe in charge of equalities, and the education minister as the law minister: probably because he wants to bring back public hangings.

    Anyway, their election manifesto was a bunch of crap. They have already acted on at least two of their promises: a European Union referendum in 2017 (which they want a ton), and cutting the work scheme from disabled people - they also want to track what people buy with benefits and reduce welfare spending... so the people who actually need that money get punished. They are going to act on a third within the next 80+ days: scrapping the Human Rights Act. What does this Human Rights Act do? Well...
    • Gives us the right to life
    • Gives us the right not to be tortured or inhumanely punished
    • Gives us the right to not be a slave or partake in forced labour
    • Gives us the right to be secure
    • Gives us the right to a fair trial
    • Prohibits punishment without law
    • Gives us the right to a private and family life (the Tories also want a mass-surveillance program introduced)
    • Gives us the right to religion, conscience and thought
    • The right to start a family and get married to who we want
    • Peaceful enjoyment of personal property
    • The right to free education
    • The right for free elections
    • It also prohibits discrimination.
    There's a whole lot more, but from just that I'll bet you can see what would happen if it got scrapped.
    There are two petitions that I know of that are fairly large: the Liberal Democrats' one, and the one on I'd ask you to sign both.
    Another petition I'd like people to sign is this one. It basically calls on the government to keep the ban on fox hunting that was introduced by Labour (I think) a few decades ago. Personally, I believe fox hunting to be a sick and twisted practice. David Cameron's excuse for legalizing it is 'everyone has the right to hunt': yet I don't see him wanting me to kneecap him, chase him through a forest, and then to cut his throat open and leave his body out to the scavengers in the area.
  2. I'd love to move to a place in Eastern Europe or France.

    Mainly because of Human Rights being respected.

    Not Putin's Russia, because while I admire Putin in the same way I admire Napoleon, I do not support his policies.

    Public hangings? If they bring them back I will be on the first train out to Berlin.

    Then again, I'm a Leninist, so I'm pretty radical on this sort of stuff.
  3. well thats a bunch of crap! to be honest it Seems the politician of any nation are out for themselves. I read an article recently(cant find it) and it was written by and Indian Woman(form India) saying the working class citizens of the world are more like each other than they are to their own government officials, and i completely agree
  4. When/if the Tory government repeals the Human Rights Act, although it would still be signed up to the ECHR as a signatory, it is true and evident that the UK will be the only European country, bar Belarus to not have the Declaration of Human Rights within their national legislation. Michael Gove (the new justice secretary) will condemn the UK to a 'Little Englander' regressive philosophy in the face of pan-European human rights agreements. The Human Rights Act is also a key tenet in the constitutions of the devolved Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Executive governments, so repealing it could be blocked by these bodies anyway; the former Attorney General Dominic Greave has suggested this. Furthermore, the HRA is enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement with the Republic of Ireland, so undoing the act could destabilize/undermine past negotiations after the Troubles.

    What has the Human Rights Act done to merit its abolition!?
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  6. Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour party from May 2010 - May 2015, came from a working class family (I believe) and understood the problems we face. Its why I really liked him - although he was too far on the left side of the spectrum to me and many of Labour's core supporters. It would have been great for Labour to win this year, IMO (I would have even liked the Liberal Democrats). I will definitely be joining them and supporting them in the next five years and voting for them in 2020 :)

    The Tories are out for the rich and themselves (as evidenced by their extreme love of London and the South-East, and lack of care for the South-West, Northern England, Wales, and Scotland), whereas Labour are out for the working class/average person, the poor and themselves.
    Absolutely nothing.
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  7. WildBeast23 Thank you for all the information!!
  8. You do know that we'll still have the European Humans Rights Act in play?
  9. Only until the Conservatives get us out of the European Union... which, last time I checked, the British public were in favour of.
  10. Actually, we'd need to leave the European Court of Human Rights too. To be part of the EU you have to be part of that.
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