The Twelve Months of Survival

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    This time last year, Qwerty189, 8comimi, and AmusedStew decided to create twelve mob farms for every month in the year. Throughout the course of the year, AmusedStew slowly left the empire, Hashhog3000 joined the team, as well as Samsimx. In early fall, I received a message from Samsimx inviting me to join the team. Soon after, sam became a mod and had to leave the team for his moderating duties.
    I am pleased to announce a reboot of the team in the new group, the Twelve Months of Survival
    Throughout this year, for every month, we will complete an activity that you the community will decide.
    Each month, we will post a comment asking for the community's thoughts on what we will do.
    The major part of this year's activity will be how we begin.
    The community will decide what items we will take with us to begin.
    Each of the four members will take one item
    The members are as follows
    Qwerty189 - The original founder and leader of the Twelve Months of Farming
    Hashhog3000 - Qwerty's second in command when he can not be on
    Jacob5089 - The member who derps around and makes horse stables
    Tedrocker - The newest member who has been introduced to the team for TTMOS
    Once we have reached our point of camp, we will eventually establish ourselves as a permanent outpost.
    So now, you, the community must decide - What items shall we take?
    As part of the guidelines, we will use the item in some way during TTMOS
    Let's hope that some of you can get creative with what to bring ;)
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  2. Second
    I totally mean
  3. :D, Looking forward to getting to meet you all.
  4. I support this post. :p I look forward to sharing another year of fun with the community! I think that we're gonna have some awesome new adventures this year. Most of which probably involve me dying, but that's pretty much to be expected. :p
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  5. A few infoblips.
    • TTMOS will be on smp7.
    • We cannot leave until our four items are decided. ANYONE CAN DECIDE AN ITEM FOR US.
  6. Did you take them to D2 to make it Jacob?
  7. Travel 1 million blocks from an outpost in any direction.
  8. I think something you should try is to defeat a wither together on difficulty 10.
  9. One item you should bring is a Ocelot Egg xD As it is completely useless :p
  10. Interesting challenge...
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  11. Bump :D
    Qwerty's item has been decided, now there are only three more items needed!
  12. A bucket of lava. But it must be used 3 different ways at once. :D
  13. 1 un enchanted wooden sword

  14. I'll take this one :D

    This one goes to either hash or ted, whichever one replies first.
  15. Mine
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  16. If you accept 2 from one person I want you to take a Zombie Virus XD
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  17. One god diamond sword if you guys accept two (this is for hash)
  18. That will be for Hash :D He will have fun drunk walking trust me.
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