The Trophey things!?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VinXians, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. How do i get those little trophy/achivement boxes?? (in the signature) i really want one!
  2. please someone!!
  3. "Say sorry to everyone"
    Congrats! Pick a number for a prize.
  4. 100

  5. Both of these achievements...Are creepy.
  6. Now add 50!
  7. Haha, I like those Achievements you added. :)
  8. oh no...i've created a achievement monster :eek:.... *goes back in time and doesnt tell VinXians how to make achievements...*

    *back to present time...* did it work?


    sry for the offtrack the achievements...
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  9. What's a Gf?
  10. girlfriend...
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  11. Oh :D
  12. He's from Spain, so that may explain why he didn't know that:)
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  13. ah then, la enamorada...i think...
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  14. Girlfriend.
  15. ;)
  16. Not exactly LOL...
  17. eh, all i have to go off of is high school novia is fiancee/wife right...what is girlfriend?