The Troll Thread

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You Mad Yet?

Nope, not even close 10 vote(s) 34.5%
Yes! I am! I'm going to go make someone laugh 9 vote(s) 31.0%
I'm not mad, I'm IceCreamCow 19 vote(s) 65.5%
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  1. Ok. This is just for fun and games but people who take it seriously: Here's the rules:
    1. Your main objective in posting in this thread is to A: Make People Laugh B: Make People Laugh at You C: Make People Laugh at the People Laughing at You
    2. Post pictures and links to songs. They increase hilarity.
    3. If you making a joke about someone else, please don't make it about: A: Their Religion (Dont Know how you would know that in the 1st place :confused:) B: Their Race (No Racism of any Form) C: And no super innappropriate posts or comments.
    4. Memes are also accepted. They don't have to be about EMC because your goal of this thread is too troll people and make people laugh.
    5. When trolling people: You can: A: Give them links to funny stuff (memes, LMGTFY, etc) B: Joke about them C: Laugh at them.
    6. The Most Important Rule of All: Have Fun
    7. (Hijacking and Bumping is allowed on this thread :p) Have Fun! -IamSaj
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  6. why did this thread get created WHY
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  7. I am to lazy to think up a good meme so...
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  8. This melts your brains!