The Town Pub.

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  1. The Town Pub is going to be a tavern located in SMP2 on 3004. It is owned by me and Brettskiiii. It is NOT down but is getting very closes. It is right next to the spawn and very near the shop and park, making it prime real estate.

    The menu will consist of food and drinks. The drinks will simply be awkward potions, just with a new name for each one. Why? We are doing it like this as they are easy to make. The food will be meat, melon slices, and mushroom stew. We will also have milk.

    I'm not posting this in the marketplace as it is not done. Also, if you would like to help us build it, please feel free to donate. Your name will be posted on a board.

    We will also be building a hotel, but that's not our main priority, so it will only be started on once we are sure that the tavern is done. Also, if this does good, I might get diamond and build more Town Pubs around EMC!

    I will post some pictures soon!


  2. Also, if you have any ideas for it, please let us know. (We are NOT going to make it into a big casino, but might have one small slot game.)
  3. Any screen shots?
  4. They will be coming later today. I got to go to school in a few hours.