The TNT Games

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  1. The TNT Games isn't an event, but a residence for hosting all sorts of events with one goal in mind: blow stuff up.

    Most of the games involve launching TNT across an obsidian arena to destroy the enemy team's blocks, and destroy as many as possible within the allotted time/until they're all destroyed. The games rely on skill, cooperation, and a little bit of luck.

    Events will be posted in separate threads. Our goal is events every Saturday, but that might not always be the case. Be sure to watch this thread to get alerted of all upcoming events. Events are listed below, along with all details:

    There are currently no events scheduled.

    The TNT Games residence is located on SMP5, at /v 11118 or /v +tnt.

    Because we're giving players permission to build and use TNT, there are a few universal rules that always apply to keep the game fun and running smoothly.

    - Do not grief the arena. You may only place/destroy blocks in the designated arena, and the destruction of obsidian is not allowed.
    - Do not enter the area unless you are playing. Spectators are not allowed to enter the playing field. Doing so will result in a res ban.
    - Do not exit the area while playing the game. Your permissions will be removed immediately and you will be kicked from the game.
    - Do not launch TNT outside of the designated area. This is considered griefing and will not be tolerated. Permissions will be removed, you will be res banned, and reported to Staff.
    - Do not harm your team. Do not grief/hinder your team in any way. This will result in you being kicked from the game.
    - Do obey the hosts at all times. If a host struggles to get your attention, you will not be playing. We're here to make the game fun, and will not accept anyone ruining the game for us/anyone.
    - Do follow all event rules. Some events will have different rules than these. You are expected to follow all of those rules, along with the rules stated here.
    - Do follow all Empire Minecraft rules. Just because something isn't listed here, doesn't mean it's okay.

    12info and I will make absolutely no rupees from the games, so the money for supplies comes out of pocket. We'd greatly appreciate any donations of rupees, TNT, or obsidian. Please send items/rupees to PenguinDJ and 12info, and message us confirming your donation. Donations, of course, are optional.

    If you'd like to suggest a feature, game, or improvement, please feel free to message the creators here. We welcome and appreciate any feedback you have.

    Thanks for reading, and be sure to watch the thread for information on upcoming events.(Click here for a guide on watching threads.) Feedback is much appreciated. We hope to see you at an event!
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  2. Okay, five reserves is enough. :p
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