The thing I've been working on for the past few days!

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  1. I made a working QR code in Minecraft that leads to !!!

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  2. This is so win! Great job
  3. Nice job Jim =D
  4. This was the first QR code I ever scanned lol. Nice work.
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  5. I feel I should point this out as it's important to this project. Before it was completely finished...I scanned it just to see what would happen, and it brought me to a website called: "Hookers For Jesus."

    I'm not kidding.
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  6. I think you had that bookmarked already....
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  7. Well, I am a hooker for Jesus, but that's besides the point.
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  8. ?Whats a QR code(I'm such a noob)
  9. It is a code you scan with a phone that has a QR reader app (with the camera). Its sort of like a more advanced bar code (like on the side of your cereal box).
  10. OOH
  11. how di you get all the wool it looks amazing
  12. Sweet as build man, worked straight away on my Iphone 4S. Great job!:)
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  13. iphone 4s my ass itouch yes iphone? AHAHHA u crack me up man:D
  14. Wow.. I am Dumbfounded for words, its a great sculpture and its really at the target in look! Compared to my creations this makes my creations look like a midget trying to play basketball! No offense of course.......
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  15. WTF u talking about man, I do have an Itouch 4s how would u know anyway, ur just a lonely old trol?
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  16. I don't know what an iTouch 4S is but I'm assuming it's made by APPLE.
    Hince the "i".
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  17. Lol sorry meant to be an iphone, I dont no wat an itouch is either, cdboi just got me a bit angry lol
  18. Btw each square is 4 blocks...