The Thank You Thread

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  1. I don't hear enough thank yous in EMC. Both the staff and community do amazing events all the time, and yet I feel as though only a small portion of our players actually take the time to say thank you. Some people even deserve apologies after events in which people don't listen to instructions despite the fact that whoever created the event is going out of their way to give the community free stuff. And then they only get a handful of thank yous. Now, maybe I don't hear everything. Maybe private messages are common ways to thank people. And maybe I'm just totally oblivious to reality. But I think that everyone likes to be thanked, and this is the thread to do it. Feel free to spill out all your thanks and gratefulness here. :)

    Thanks to all the Admins for spending so much time creating our community.
    Specifically thanks to Aikar for all his hard work on coding.
    Thanks to IcecreamCow for taking time out of his schedule to do all sorts of crazy events that result in free items.
    Thanks to Maxarias and Bigdavie for always doing the mob arenas in the olden times and continuing to be helpful and run events (including MA) now.
    Thanks to krysyyjane9191 and ignoramoose for their fantastic party, great work on the staff team, and many contributions to events.
    Thanks to Dwight for the 3 extra Zombie Maze rounds he held after Deathtomb's birthday.
    Thanks to Deathtomb and GameKribJim (and Dwight/Krysyy/IcC) for being fantastic staff members and doing all that stuff (dropping, MA, etc.) on Death's b-day.
    Thanks to Bitemenow for apples.
    Thanks to Equinoxboss for spreadin' the likes.
    Thanks to R0bbieJo, VITIRI, Damiensmom, and all the others who did Christmas Celebrations.
    Thanks to xHaro, BTHarrold, pugfury, and all the others who have done or are planning to do drop parties.
    Lastly, thanks to the community for creating such a wonderful and exciting experience for me and others on EMC.

    If I do not thank you out loud here, I thanked you in my heart. :) Do not be offended. If anyone else has thank yous to give, feel free to post them! :D
  2. Thank you to Justinguy for making EMC and the time and effort he put into it. :)
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  3. Thanks to hashhog for making this thread :p
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  4. Great Idea Hash!

    Empire Minecraft

    ^ What does this mean to you? ^

    To me, Empire Minecraft is a place on enjoyment, relaxation, fun projects, getting on with everyone, run by awesome staff. A place where you can simply unload after a hard day in the office, on the court, or a sad moment, come on, and have a really good time!
    To me, it truly is an Empire!

    One of the most popular events by far on EMC is the Mob Arena!
    The most amazing staff hold this even every so often, and make it an amazing experience for everyone!
    And remember the new event? The deadly firefloor! A basic spleef, turned into great fun with great prizes! I was there when they were building it! Unfortunately didn't take a screenshot :( So had to go back and take one after it was done.

    Bottom line, the Empire Minecraft Community, and staff have done an amazing job! I have made so many good mates on the Empire! From highlancer54, to Samsimx, Tails, Qw3rtyMast3r, The Legend! And many more amazing people it would be an entire project in itself to name everyone!

    JustinGuy (I know not current, but the owner)


    Now these are the more superior Admins, and I have just mentioned these Admins as it would be near impossible to list all of them, as there are so many great people on Empire Minecraft that are worthy of these Moderator spots! I can't wait to see some of the Moderators become Senior Mods at one stage!
    I cannot only thank these mods, but remember these mods today as the Admins, and Senior moderators of todays EMC! And thank everyone else on the Support Team and Mod / Admin team! Keep up the amazing work guys!

    I would also like to thank the Empire Issue tracker team! I believe JackBiggin and Aikar are the owners of this? Correct me if wrong, but I would like to thank everyone in that department, helping Empire Minecraft be glitch/bug free! It's great to see people report these bug ents to these guys! I personally have reported a bug a couple of times! Keep up the great work!

    I would also like to thank the Empire Wiki team! You guys have done a great job with this, and keeping it updated! Keep it up guys :D

    There simply is too many people to thank on EMC!

    To the entire EMC Database and community, I would like to thank each and every one of you! From the new comers that always give me a good laugh and is fun getting to know you! To the good old humble Admins (And Bitemenow15 :D ) and the good old friends from new to old! I hope EMC can come along, to bigger, better and more amazing things! When I leave it will be a shame to not see anyone in game anymore D:

    I give my gratitude to every person on EMC :D

    A massive

    Thank You!

    From MrWhosMagic|Awesome!
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