The Terrible Jokes Picture Thread

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  1. Post away!

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  2. It's Dutch. But the picture says: It's black and when it falls out of a tree your furniture will break. What is it? Your furniture. LAME! But I died laughing.
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  3. Broken IMG
  4. lol. That's baws
  5. Not for me....
    What did the fisherman say to the magician?
    Pick a cod, any cod!
  6. Oh. I thought the fact that the image was broken was the joke...
    which would have been a pretty lame joke, which would have been pretty funny.
    Anyway, in my high school chemistry lab, the teacher had this poster hanging up:

    I don't think the person who made the poster completely understands how puns work.
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  7. What I usually do when that happens to an image is open it in a new tab and I can see it, but sometimes it brings me to the actual site that its on.
  8. I don't get it....
  9. Do as you "Otter"= Do as you ought to

  10. Made it myself :D
  11. So a buck walks into a bar and asks . . . .

    Why dis flo' be so dang slippery, man!
  12. Is 11 a lucky number . . . . ?

    Why yes, yes it is.