The TARDIS at 3553 is looking for a new manager!

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  1. RESULTS! KEVDUDEMAN is the new manager for the Tardis. Thanks to everyone who applied. Remember to do your part and sell to the Tardis to keep it stocked.

    No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The TARDIS at 3553 on smp2 is looking for a new manager. I am looking for someone that is playing often, doesnt think items should be marked up by an insane amount, and is looking to help the community by helping manage to keep the place stocked and cheap for all on smp2 to use.

    Please send me a private message on here if you would like to apply for this position.

    We would keep the shop signs in my name unless it causes a problem, in which case they will be in the manager's name. Profit is not the main goal of the TARDIS and the manager must be able to accept that and help maintain fair prices in direct correlation with the item's "true" value.

    Application (copy and paste into a private conversation with me):

    How long have you played EMC?:
    Have you ever been accused of stealing/griefing?:
    Why do you want to manage the TARDIS?:
    What do you believe the value of an emerald is?:
    Anything else you would like to add: