The Tale of the haunted Opera house.... Part 1/2

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  1. (Please remember this is a made up story and the names and places are no real fact, thank-you ;D)

    Hi, my name is Jeff.

    Today I'll be telling you about my job. For many years now I have worked in the same place- The opera house- this divine building is based in Seattle, Washington. Lots of paranormal activity happens here so get ready to be spooked! Now to get on with the story...

    Exactly 12 years ago, I had gone bankrupt. With no money, living in a tiny flat on the 37th floor of a leaning tower block, I wasn't exactly living the 'Life of luxury'. For a while now i'd been desperate for a job, anything! As long as I earned money I didn't give a care if it was a toothpaste cap screwer! I'd been searching for something to do instead of twiddling my thumbs in my pig-sty all day. One morning, I woke up feeling drained and drowsy. Looking in my cupboards I hardly had anything for my breakfast. 1/4 of a box of poppi-corn cereal should do. I made a weak cup of coffee and sat at my chipped, wooden table. My head sank into my hands. I cried and cried for my life. Nothing was going right, nothing had EVER gone right. A tear dropped onto the newspaper which laid near me on the table and I opened it up. The page was filled with advertisement. 'Curtis's curtains' one said, 'Tara's TV's' read another. I quickly scanned the two A3 pages and stopped. In the bottom right hand corner of the second page sat a advertisement- here's what it said:

    New recruitment for Security position at The Grand Opera House. Please come for an interview at 9:00AM Saturday 15th I don't know how many times I read that ad but I was estatic! Finally, I checked my watch. 8:52AM it said. "Argh! I'm going to be late!" I yelled. Grabbing my best brown coat off of the coat hangers I dashed out of my flat, swiftly ran down the winding path of stairs and sprinted to the opera house. 8:58AM "Phew!" I said as I wiped sweat off of my forehead. However, my heart-rate began to go up again as I stepped inside, the interior of the building was magnificent! Patterns and swirls lined the roof while fish swam on the walls like watery angels. "Next please!" called the receptionist. With anticipation, I stepped forward. "My name is Jeff and I am here for an interview for the security position." "Just in time!" smiled the lady. She had sapphire blue eyes that twinkled in the light. "Just that way..." she told me and pointed to a corridor. "Thank you, ma'am." I replied politely and walked along it. All was quiet and I felt as if someone was watching me... Eventually, I came to a room which was marked "Interview room" It had a plastic wallet blu-tacked onto the door which had a sheet of paper inside. 'Security Position' it read. Nervously, I stepped forward and grabbed the rusty, brass handle. It was cool and the rust brushed unpleasantly against my palm of my hand. I turned it. I walked into the room and saw a smartly dressed man in a black suit and red tie sat on a office chair. He had dark brown hair and a curly moustache. "Welcome!" he said with a warmly. "Please take a seat," I did as I was told and sat down opposite him. The man was very friendly and asked me questions about my life and occupation. In the end he shook my hand. "Thank you for coming today, Jeff!" he exclaimed. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. There, I walked out of the room and back home. And waited, waited, waited...
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  3. Nice story btw, can't wait to see the next part ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
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