The Tale of the haunted Opera house.... Par/2

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  1. (If you haven't read part 1, I suggest you do it now or you will be clueless of what the story will be!)

    Finally, the day had came. Pushed through my letterbox was neither a bill or a insurance scam, but a letter addressed to me. It was handwritten and on the left hand corner it was stamped 'THE OPERA HOUSE' I read it over and over again. "YES!" I exclaimed. I had got the job. I danced around my tiny flat, singing with joy- I was to start tommorow. After a long time waiting I was to earn money of my own, finally! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, screamed my alarm clock. I turned it off and rose from my bed. Wiping my eyes, I opened my dresser and put some clothes on, I left the flat and sped down the winding set of stairs. Pacing to the opera house I smiled at everyone around me, I think some people suspected I was a psychopath and pushed their children from within my reach, I didn't care though- now, I was floating on cloud nine. At the opera house I went into the moustache man's office again, where he gave me my uniform. Back at home, I studied it. Tears of joy trickled down my face. All I had to do now was wait...

    It was 8:15PM. I was due in the opera house at 8:30. My best brown coat I had last worn on the way to my interview stood, waiting on a coat hanger, now it was to be put on again. I carefully combed my dark, black hair to the side of my head, giving it a sophisticated parting, I wanted to look my best for my new job. This time, I walked to the opera house instead of running, I was on time when I got there. I took my key from my uniform pocket and turned the lock on the grand oak door. CLICK. It creaked open and I stepped inside, I shut it from behind me and followed the instructions I had been told earlier that day- through the corridor, down the stairs and there you will find your office. All was quiet. My shoes echoed down the labyrinth of passage-ways as I walked. CLONK CLONK CLONK.
    I plodded down the stairs and there I spotted a door which read "SECURITY" in big bold letters. This one needed a key too! I pulled a different key out of a different pocket and unlocked the door. "Hi," I said, in the same room was another security guard who I was friends with in high school, Martin. "Oh, hey Jeff!" he happily greeted me. "First we need to go and padlock some off-limit prop rooms, follow me!" We both travelled down the corridor until we met some doors the were marked "Show 1 prop room", "Show 2 prop room" and so on. Me and Martin both padlocked them, ensuring that no one could enter.

    We then went back to the office where Martin showed me how to operate the security cameras. I checked each camera to make sure everything was safe and sound. After that, we took shifts of patrolling. I went first while Martin rested. Again, I checked the cameras, chains ratteled. The padlocks we had put on the doors had been removed. Thrown onto the floors even. I swiftly woke Martin up and he told me that we should go and investigate. I swiftly grabbed my torch and dashed out of the room. "SHHH!!" I hissed to Martin. Clonk Clonk Clonk. I heard footsteps in the distance, they got louder CLONK CLONK CLONK. "What's happening?!" I yelled to Martin.
    "I forgot to tell you," began Martin. "The opera house is haunted..."

    "What?! What do you mean you forgot to tell me?!" I cried. Whispering could be heard within distance. "It's a long story! I'll explain later," he replied. We then dashed back to the safety of the office, Martin dropped his walkie-talkie...
    "We need to make a plan." suggested Martin. Eventually, we decided we should split up and try and stop the haunting. We did so and patrolled the corridors. Bangs, crashes and loud noises sceamed in my ears, my heart was pounding out of my chest. "Martin, come in... come in?" I asked through my walkie-talkie. Nothing could be heard. I decided to go back to the office to see if I could spot him on the security camera. I eventually saw a dark figure sat on a random seat in the main opera room. Why would he be there? I thought. Oh well. I ran out of the room and to the theatre. Nope, he wasn't there. He must have left. I tried my walkie-talkie again. "Martin, come in...come in?" I asked. I heard a crackle on the other side "Must..."
    "Yer' what?!" I questioned him, baffled.
    "What's up with you?"
    "Guards..." It crackled again. BEEP. The walkie-talkie had been dropped. I HAVE to get out of here. I said to myself. I ran as fast as I possibly could back to the office. There, I met Martin. "Martin!" I yelled and I ran over and hugged him. "Why didn't you answer you walkie-talkie?" "Wh-wh-wh" I panted and bombarded him with questions. "I lost it," he replied sadly. "I didn't know you were in such bad trouble." I grabbed his arm and pulled him to face the security camera screens. The dark figure was sat there again. I gasped. It had disappeared. A split-second later an angry person with bloodshot eyes and a burning wrinkled face screamed at the security camera. It broke. We could no longer see the theatre room. We agreed on recording the other screens while we went and patrolled the room. If not, we could get fired. There, lots of paranormal action happened. Blood-curdling screams echoed from the corridors and rang into our ears. A grand, golden mirror stood elegantly in front of me and Martin. We faced it. "Jeff..." Martin whispered. Behind me stood the same dark figure with his hands firmly on my shoulders. "RUN!!!!!" he screeched. THUD THUD THUD THUD we went down the corridors and back to the office. There, we replayed the footage. I have never seen so much horror in my life, ghosts running through the corridors, screams, howls, fire even. I had never been so afraid.

    After the story
    After my first night I instantly re-searched my findings in the towns library. Very little was found. I managed to write a letter to some local historians and soon enough, I got a letter back. It explained that in 1793 there had been a tragic fire in the opera house, killing many actors and people. It was suspected to be accidental but there were traces that it might not have been...

    It was then after the opera house had burned down to the ground, it was instantly re-built and carried on business. I still work here, 12 years on. Every night is an adventure. An adventure of the past, history, horror. However, I refuse to work anywhere else. Despite the long hours this place has put something intresting into my life, it inspired me to message a TV channel and start a show, a show about paranormal activity.

    The End

    Do you believe in ghosts? I certainly do. I have experienced many things in my time. Tell me what you think about my story, i'd love to hear it.
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  2. *Part 2/2
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