The Tale of a Biscuity EMC Journey a.k.a. I Love(d) EMC

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  1. 1st off yes I am banned as you apparently are not allowed to ask a mod to ban you... (I let you know my lest words were "<3 EMC")

    Hey Guys. 328 days ago I joined EMC. A high ranked server on the list I was looking at. Didn't seem like anything special but why not give it a try? After like the noob I am, struggling though the tutorial I claimed my piece of land on SMP4. (at the time the newest server) I started a small store, had a cactus farm, and I really learned Minecraft on the server. In the beginning you needed supporter to get on the servers, and I would relish at the moment I could sign in again. It was GREAT. I met some great people when I 1st joined such as Mystul. We would do the best things on the server.
    I eventually moved up in the EMC world and subsequently moved to smp1 where I felt like I was in the big leagues. I made a crazy big Pirate ship, experimented with enchanting and took a stab at redstone for the 1st time. I would talk to JustinGuy almost everyday, IcC was still an unknown Senior Staff, and "Who is Aikar?". It's a different time though now. I watched EMC grow and reach 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and finally 50k members.
    I was still a regular member though when SMP5 came out due to the over population of the other servers and lucky me was able to claim the last spawn res. 10008. On this res I displayed the Dragon Egg that I had bought, Made a pyramid worth a fortune and made a pagoda fit for a Shogun. It was here that I met one of my best EMC friends, thecontroller. He had come across as being a know it all snot nose, but he grew on me as we were some of the only SMP5 veterans who were not noobs. We started branching out into the wild and with the help of Rtardo (TEXP Master) we were able to set up a nice double blaze grinder on smp5. This was the peak. All the enchants we would need and having a good time just chilling out. He left for a while though and we drifted.
    I stayed on 5 though for a bit. Meeting influential players such as Dwight and Queendiva1. We were SMP5's elite and we were proud of it. I eventually moved to res 10222 and had a house built by master architect, Eclipsys, and man was it gorgeous. I felt like I was on top of the world, but I eventually decided to move to other servers such as Smp9, and my lighthouse and Smp7 with my quaint little store. I had genuine fun.
    After moving back to smp5 for a bit and experimenting with other servers I moved to smp1 after the fall of PT and Happy. I snatched the two famous residences and met MR2R2M and we were set on making a store. We worked out butts off, but he had exams and shied away from MC in general. I found myself in a snug position on EMC with members like Faithcaster, aCookieGod, Bucky, Artemis and more.
    It was good and all, but I felt that I wanted more and I now take you up to about a week ago. After starting a small Wild Colony in the wild, Alek09 and I decided to take it further. We moved more north of the continent to it's tippy top and set up a base there, but as always it was not enough. We decided to set sail for the next continent north. Just a mere 30k blocks from us xD. There I found Huts, Pyramids and Jungle Temples galore.
    I now take you up to today. During a one on one guidance meeting my teacher was up front with me and asked my why I had done great on my PSAT (220), but was pulling off average grades. It got me thinking how my work in school dropped and plumeted off a cliff around December of last year, when I started EMC. It was time to quit.
    Now most of you are saying as you have said to me for the past 5 hours, "Just limit your play time." The problem is though that I LOVE EMC and I play it compulsively. I CAN'T limit my play time. So I have decided to quit. I have given all my items away and have a surprise coming. Remember guys that I have loved my time on EMC, EMC itself and the many people that I have met. Here are some members that have influenced me (some are long forgotten)
    • JustinGuy
    • GameKRIBJeremy
    • IcecreamCow
    • Aikar
    • Maxarias
    • JackBiggin
    • thecontroller
    • rtardo
    • Mystul
    • Pthagaard
    • iamfuturetrunks
    • Faithcaster
    • MR2R2M
    • Ranisima
    • Eclipsys
    • Margaritte
    • Krysyyjane9191
    • Ignoramoose
    • Crazy1080 and Crazy1800
    • aCookieGod
    • Bucky
    • Dwight
    • AlexChance
    • xI_LIKE_A_PIGx

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