The Survival Update :)

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  1. Hey guys! Jewel here. I was wondering what other people think about the new update. Things you like, dislike and everything in between. I would love to hear others views on it :)

    As for me, I know I am really enjoying it. My favourite thing is the new drops, I think they are really awesome and makes me want to go out and fight the mobs. I think the mobs are really hard now which makes Minecraft a little harder, which is good. I think caving with my friends has become so much more exciting, but I don't do it alone anymore because I am a chicken and too scared hehe :confused:

    Anyways, leave your thoughts below, and have a great day!!!

    - Jewel :p
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  2. I haven't been able to play with it yet, but I can't wait to. :)
  3. I've been forced to make subways and underground routes to all my base structures within my private outpost, the above ground is too dangerous now. Other than that, I love the drops and the challenge. Now that zombies can fully break down a door, I've come up with new strategies to prevent them from doing that. Oh and for me, if I see a marlix, I retreat back into the base underground as I am not prepared to fight those myself.
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