The Super Horse Races

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  1. The Super Horse Races
    I Will Be Holding Horse Races At About Every Saturday at 5251 Utopia, The Time Will Vary But I Will Post it at least 5 days before the races.
    This Saturday I Will Not Be Holding Races Due To The EMC Games And That The Event Is Horse Racing For That Week.
    Winners: 1,000 Rupees
    2nd Place: 500 Rupees
    I Will Be Accepting Donations Anytime Before A Race.
    Pay To feezelfam21 for donations.(Paid To My Alt So My Rupee Accounts Don't Mix.)
    Apply Here:
    See Who's Racing Here:
  2. I'll join!
  3. I would like to sign up my jockey porphyrian. Do I need to fill out some form or something? Oh and are promo horses allowed?
  4. I am making a form to sign-up right now, and promo horses ARE allowed
  5. Good luck all ;)
    I'll be there.
  6. Signed up!
  7. Mee toooooooooooooooooooooes.
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  8. Nice track
  9. bump, anyone else wanna race?
  10. Bump! Come on people this will be fun!
  11. Technologygeek your horse is glitched, horses with higher than 140+ speed are from glitch and aren't allowed on emc.
  12. I need at least 4 people to race, hopefully I can get 6.
  13. Races Are Starting... Now Open To Anyone To Join since I didn't get enough people
  14. Updated to next week's race